Our team members work closely with victims on a personal basis to help them navigate bureaucracy, secure their rights, and access other support initiatives.


We lobby the Israeli government on behalf of all victims and their families to protect and improve their rights.


We provide scholarships, interest free loans, subsidized insurance plans, financial aid, and food & basic supply vouchers for victims in need.


We lead the healing journey by providing mental health services, rehabilitation programs, and community support.

The Results of the October 7th Massacre

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On the morning of October 7th, Israel was stormed by Hamas terrorists who committed brutal and vicious war crimes, massacring hundreds of innocent civilians, injuring and maiming thousands, and kidnapping more than 200 men, women and children. These abductees include grandmothers in their late eighties to the youngest a  baby of just nine months. 

In a single day, the Jewish community faced a tragedy of a magnitude not seen since the Holocaust.

While hundreds of thousands of civilians have been directly affected, our entire nation has been left severely traumatized.

This is your opportunity to take part in Israel’s healing.

What We Do​

Our sole purpose is to support and help Israelis civilians who were impacted, both physically and emotionally, by terrorism. Our goal is to provide full support to terror victims – humanitarian, social, legal, economic, cultural and emotional – providing them with a holistic support network. We have operated since 1984 and support terror victims throughout their life cycle events.

Who We Are

The longest serving and only nationally recognized organization for victims of terror in Israel.

Since its inception in 1984, our organization has steadfastly maintained a non-political, non-partisan, and independent stance as a non-profit entity. Our singular mission has been to provide comprehensive support to Israeli civilians affected, both physically and emotionally, by acts of terrorism.

Victims of terror include orphans, bereaved families, widows, widowers, and individuals with disabilities recognized by the state of Israel as victims of terror and military attacks. We work closely with Bituach Leumi on a per-family basis, establishing a comprehensive support ecosystem.

Abie Moses - Chairman

Roee Cohen - CEO

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The Organization for Victims of Terrorism in Israel is recognized as a public institution, a non-profit organization under section #46 of the Israeli Income Tax Act. A donation to this organization may be considered tax-deductible in certain jurisdictions. For every donation sent to our organization, we will issue a certificate of endearment, a personal letter of appreciation and a tax-deductible receipt with the total amount of the donation.

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