NOVT Programs

Victims of terror include orphans, bereaved families, widows, widowers, and individuals with disabilities recognized by the state of Israel as victims of terror and military attacks. We work closely with all demographics - find out more about our offerings below.

SWORDS OF IRON LOAN FUND: interest free loans for victims

As the organization chosen by the state to represent victims of terrorism, we collaborate with the National Insurance Institute for loan repayment, facilitating a sustainable financial structure with a 0% default rate. Loan amount and repayment terms may be subject to change as the situation is rapidly evolving.

MA'ATEFET: Logistics Support for Families

  • Wrap-around services including support with logistical needs, victims rights advocacy, and crisis knowledge development
  • Collaboration with government social workers and peer organizations
  • Each family is appointed a dedicated person, known as a family supporter. Their job is to make home visits, provide logistical and bureaucratic assistance, as well as generally ensuring all the families’ needs are met

    Through the pool of capital known as the “aid fund”, the project team is able to provide all support needed, including provision of baby supplies, house maintenance, clothing, meals, furniture, childcare, transportation, and more.


  • Career guidance – individual counseling, workshops and community events
  • Living Stipends for higher education, scholarships, guidance and community events
  • Holistic well-being opportunities to share experiences including: community spaces, engaging activities and wellness vacations

YOU'RE NOT ALONE: Asserting Your Rights as a Victim

  • Assistance with accessing information and submitting paperwork
  • Dedicated coordinator needed to support with government interactions
  • Tailored aid for sensitive demographic groups and post-trauma
  • Ongoing updates and communication about evolving rights
  • Hotline, therapy groups, and legal clinic available across the country

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